Setting the pace, Ride On!

Setting the pace, Ride On!

When you work with Harley Davidson Johannesburg the first thing you need to understand is that they work at a slightly different pace – FAST! To that end, my friend Pierre Delport at Harley JHB already started sending traffic to a relatively empty Blog.

Apologies for the sparse content at this stage, but there’s no doubt, we are keen to get the show on the road for this worthy cause.

A quick overview

UN Women in conjunction with Harley Davidson Johannesburg will send 15 Bikers to 9 Southern African countries. We will be riding under the banner of Ride On! Speak out! End violence against Women and Girls during the period of 25 November to 10 December 2012.

Within the next days and weeks, as we head towards the start of our journey we will post more details about the actual trip, riders involved and how we hope to do our share for the cause.

Whilst there is a strong Public Relations element to the project we are not losing sight of the fact that we need to raise funds to support the ongoing efforts of the UN.

For now, we are planning our way through the countries and sorting out the logistics (and getting the digital communication channels up and running).

How can you help?

For now, we have two tasks for you.

  1. Subscribe to our Blog – this way you will be notified every time we update the blog. It’s easy, check out the form bottom right of the site.
  2. Head over to our Facebook Page (here) and join the page. When we hit the road we will be pushing regular updates there and you’ll be able to ride with us into Africa… on a Harley!

Finally. Violence against Women and Girls has no place in our community. Speak Out!

  1. Fanie Haarhoff 11 October, 2012

    Werner is right! Relatively empty blog but it all starts somewhere!! The excitement and anticipation around this event is just pushing everybody involved to get things moving and done!!
    Thanks Werner!!
    Agreed: There is no place for violence against women and girls in our society! So – Speak out!!

  2. Antoinette Robbertse 11 October, 2012

    Good luck with the preparation guys! It is a great cause you are involved with. Thanks Werner and Pierre for your hard work. PS: I’m sooooo jealous!x

  3. Francois Booyens 11 October, 2012

    Ir’s going to be epic! Shout if there’s something I can do….

  4. Pierre 11 October, 2012

    RIDE ON! SHOUT OUT! – These are the words that we want everyone to spread. Be part of the “End Violence Against Women and Girls” campaign by wearing orange on the 25th of every month, so that this cause is ongoing and not just for 16 days in November and December. The riders will be selling armbands as soon as they are available, so make sure that you support the cause by purchasing your armband.

  5. Wayne Dodds 11 October, 2012

    Wow! This is an amazing initiative. Will follow keenly….Good luck to all involved

  6. Wayne Pollock 12 October, 2012

    I am so proud to be part of this wonderful trip and to have the chance to stand up and shout out at the abuse, woman and children have to tolerate in society. I have been blesssed by being given this great oppurtunity by the UN and Harley Davidson Johannesburg to give a little back to society and hopefully can touch somebodys heart to become a better person in society or to give generously to support this worty cause.

  7. Pierre 12 October, 2012

    One of the most gratifying moments was to see and hear the gratitude expressed by Nomcebo Manzini – Regional Programme Director UN Women towards the riders present last night at our first meeting. Experiencing this has once again proven to me that taking a wild idea and spending the time to make it a reality is so “WORTH IT”.

  8. Arthur Rama 12 October, 2012

    First, I just would like to thank Pierre for inviting to be part of the amazing Ride on! Speak out! project. Then I think that as bikers we will make a difference to this worthy cause in conjunction with the United Nations and the HD Johannesburg Franchise. A word of thanking you to Fannie, the dealer principal for all the dealership involvement. Now, please spread the word and make everyone aware of the cause

  9. Frans Kruger 15 October, 2012

    Go guys go, we’re proud of you. An awesome task for an awsome cause. Only Fanie, Pierre and the Jhb dealership could have put something like this together.

  10. Chris Salmon 15 October, 2012

    I’m blessed and proud to have been included in this worthy cause. I extend my gratitude to Pierre, Fanie – Johannesburg Harley-Davidson, Nomcebo Manzini and the UN team and all those putting in their time and effort in order to ensure that this is a spectacular ride to promote and encourage the ending of violence against Women and Girls – Ride on – Shout out !!!

  11. Geoff Simmons 17 October, 2012

    15 crazy guys, 15 days in the saddle, across 9 countries, for 1 terrific cause – this Harley crowd will be heard! Their bikes are almost as loud as they are themselves! To everybody involved, UN, Harley Joburg, riders and all support, well done, I will follow in awe…….

  12. Pierre Delport 17 October, 2012

    We are happy to announce that Harley-Davidson Footwear will be supporting this EPIC ride by sponsoring all the Riders & Back-Up staff with Harley-Davidson Riding Boots.

  13. Herman Potgieter 22 October, 2012

    When we read these articles and see the contribution and support from Harley Davidson to various projects it confirms money well spent on our purchase of a Harley, but most of all it warms us as people to have bought into a brand that still cares about other humans. We are blessed and look forward to be part of this cause. Good luck to everybody involved.
    PS: I am available to fill a seat if any of the privileged few cannot make the ride.

  14. Nathalie Culot 3 December, 2012

    Merci pour votre action, pour la cause des femmes violentées dans le monde.
    Nous pouvons tous faire quelque chose, petite ou grande, dans ce sens.

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