Crossing paths with one of our own

Crossing paths with one of our own

On our way to the Malawi border, from Zambia, something very peculiar happened. We were struggling with some tough road conditions and decided to pull off and have a quick breather to stretch our muscles and hydrate a little….

I walked over to see what Theo was up to- that man disappears within the blink of an eye. I found him a few meters away, seeking shade with a local truck driver, where they were getting out of the sun under the bed of their truck!

Whilst messing around with Theo in the blazing hot sun we heard the familiar rumble of another motorcycle. We saw an enduro rider, on a Honda, approach us from the opposite direction on his way to Lusaka. I noticed the rider looking over at us from his mount with his head shrugging in a confused manner.

I’m sure our enduro biker questioned his sanity and levels of hydration when he started to register what he was looking at. Did he really see a whole bunch of Harley Davidson motorcycles parked up on the side of the road on the way to Malawi?

The break light flared on his motorcycle and he turned in towards us and hopped off his bike. At that stage we were also swarming around, as one must always show respect and welcome a fellow biker.

Bert (right) chatting to the team.

We shared a few laughs, photos and talked “bikes” with Bert Houben, who has been on the road since June. Bert left Belgium to make his way to Cape Town via Turkey and Egypt. We shared notes and exchanged contact details. We were in a hurry to get back on the road and had to leave the lone rider to continue his journey.

As we left, Bert filmed our departure. “My dad would have loved to see this,” he shouted as we roared past him with our huge metal beasts towards Malawi.

Life’s good! Spare a thought for Bert, our lone biker.

A note left on his bike. We left before we could ask – maybe a loved one I would like to think.

  1. Bert 4 December, 2012

    Hi guys!
    What a nice blog you have. Nice to read. And to see me showing up in it 🙂 I wanted to be in Zimbabwe by now but got an engine problem two hours after we met in Zambia. Have fun in Harare and I will defenitely visit your club in one of the weekends in december or january.
    Take care!

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