Custom trailer progress report – Part 1

Custom trailer progress report – Part 1

Herman Potgieter and his team at Complete Cabling Equipment will sponsor a fully equipped custom bike recovery trailer for the journey.  These guys don’t mess around – building this from scratch with four weeks to spare is nearly as crazy as the ride itself. Hat tip to the CCE team.

They will be supplying us with progress reports for the next few weeks, here goes:

Part 1
via Herman Potgieter

Complete Cabling Equipment is fabricating a custom bike recovery vehicle for the Ride On project.

After all the hustle and run around we have finalised the concept of the bike recovery trailer and have started with production drawings. Design, fabrication and testing a new product in four weeks is steep but we will do it.

The trailer will be capable of transporting two Harley’s on a custom hydraulically operated flatbed. The bed will be lowered and raised with no angles or ramps as is the norm. A front nose cone will be fitted with a bulk storage compartment, an aluminium draw system and will also house all the components to operate the hydraulic bed, a generator, 12volt fridge and 12 volt winch. This nose cone will be fabricated from carbon fibre and will be shaped to give aerodynamic advantages while towing. It will be big enough to protect both bikes from pebbles or any other debris thrown up by the towing vehicle.

Power will be supplied via generator, a battery system or 220 volt sockets. This will enable the use of a flat screen TV and sound system during overnight stops and when delivering the message of this project to the various communities. The trailer will be used as a podium and will have a detachable 3 meter by 2.80 meter gazebo enclosing the rear of the trailer during video screening and presentations.

Backup fuel and water will be stored in six jerry cans positioned at the rear on the walk on platforms. Cosmetic finishing will be a combination of UN, Harley Davidson and CCE. A few surprises can be expected here.

We look forward to keep you posted and will have a weekly update with drawings, pictures and report going forward. As a teaser see a customised racing boat trailer that we have designed below.

Posted from Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa.

  1. Geoff Simmons 26 October, 2012

    I can’t wait to see the end result. Sounds like it’s going to be something truly special!

    1. Werner Puchert 26 October, 2012

      Hey @Geoff. I’m nervous tho! I think the rig might outshine the bikes 🙂 Can’t wait to see the final build. Hat tip to the CCE crew!

  2. Francois Booyens 28 October, 2012

    Werner, I don’t see a fridge? Or the coffee machine? That thing is going to be so amazing!

  3. Herman Potgieter 29 October, 2012

    @Francois. The trailer will have a 12 volt fridge in. If I can find space we might give you a coffee machine. Looks like you will have to choose between the coffee machine and a waiter.

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