Custom trailer progress report – Part 2

Custom trailer progress report – Part 2

Herman Potgieter from Complete Cabling Equipment (CCE) sent us some more photos and a quick update on the trailer build. We’re taking the trailer for back-up reasons but Herman and his team is busy turning it into a showcase and tool that will go beyond merely transporting motorcycles.


Update 2 (from Herman)

Fabrication is well on the way and we are looking to finish by Friday latest over the weekend. All components are on site and have been tested. TV and sound will be sorted by Wednesday and artistic work should be ready for first viewing on Friday. Road testing looks set to happen by the end of next week followed by delivery to Harley Davidson Johannesburg. Hectic but very rewarding. Enjoy the pictures and feel free to make any recommendations.

  1. John Koller 6 November, 2012

    Looks amazing, Herman, you and your Teams dedication to building this for our “Cause” is truly appreciated

  2. Wayne Taylor 6 November, 2012

    Looks awesome. It totally exceeds what i was expecting! Cant wait to see it finished 🙂

  3. Johann Rawlinson 6 November, 2012

    Jy mag maar treilers bou Herman !
    Jou bydrae tot ons reis dra baie gemoedsrus by ! Ek dink die treiler gaan meer aandag as ons Harleys kry !! Nietemin sal beide seer sekerlik bydra om ons teikenmark bewus te maak van ons teenwoordigheid waar ons die UN vlag gaan waai .Dankie aan jou en jou span !

  4. Frans Pieterse 11 November, 2012

    Herman, waar is die opblaas swembad? 🙂
    Dit lyk regtig goed sover!

    btw, hoop jou Breakout maak gou sy verskeining.

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