Doing what we do well….

Doing what we do well….

During the last few days of our tour across Southern Africa we have had the opportunity to visit a handful of community projects and shelters as well as having informal chats to the local communities as we passed through their area. The folks at the official venues usually host us in conjunction with the UN and representatives of that particular country. Other than discussing the issue of gender based violence, two smaller things caught my attention and it’s pretty consistent from country to country.

They always refer to us as ”The Bikers”. For example, “Aare you The Bikers?”, or “The Bikers will now tell us…”, “thanks to The Bikers”. They have unconditionally accepted us as a bunch of men that have their best interests at heart, and we take that to heart.

We accept that responsibility, but to live up to that we need to do what we do best as well. Ride On! And, did we ride our motorcycles when we left Windhoek the 27 November. We had to cover 722km to Rundu, one of the longer stretches of our journey. We departed just after 6h00 with the help of the local Police. Our escort left us to our own devices just outside Windhoek where some strong side winds nudged us towards Okahandja for our first fuel stop and a quick bite to eat.

Peter Hood (UN) and Johann Rawlinson having a chat before departure.

Johann Rawlinson walked up to me, at the fill station, and with his relaxed demeanour suggested that we head out, on our own for some solo riding. It soon became apparent that most of the riders wanted to break from the confines of pack riding for a while and the road to Rundu turned out to be perfect for that.And that, was the beginning of one of the best riding experiences I’ve had. The route took us from Okahandja to Otjiwargongo where I rode with Eddie Naude and Wayne Pollock for a spell, finishing the stretch with Johann Rawlinson (who initially went in the wrong direction he smiled later).

I trailed behind Frans Pieterse for the next 210km to Grootfontein, with a brief glimpse of Wesley Delport on his blazing fast fat boy gracing us with his presence for a ‘passing’ second. Plains and valleys with diverse flora and low jagged mountain ranges throwing just enough curves into an otherwise straight piece of road.

Our fearless leader Wesley Delport briefing the team.

I joined up with Eddie and Wayne again for the last 260km into Kovango where the ever dangerous donkey and cattle made their appearance forcing us to let off the throttle again. About 60km outside Rundu we started slowing down to a snail’s pace, Eddie indicated that he just went onto his reserve fuel , not knowing the distance it would give us we tried to conserve the fuel and pushed through to Rundu. We managed to roll into the lodge with the last few fumes in his tank.

We’re a bunch of men who love riding our motorcycles and when we get the chance to do it, we grab it with both hands. It’s with this same passion and dedication that we, The Bikers, approach this cause, violence against women and girls must be eradicated.

Posted from Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia.

  1. Geoff Simmons 29 November, 2012

    Point 1: Fantastic write-up Weenie-Beanie, feels like I’m riding there with you!! :)….which brings me to Point 2…….

    Point 2: Although I love all you ‘Bunch of Bikers’ I’m also beginning to dislike you all with a passion! Why am I not there??!!

    Point 3: Keep blogging and informing us of the happenings on this amazing and worthy trip…..I’ll keep reading (and chirping ;-p) and will try to kurb my jealousy and maybe even be civil when next we meet 🙂 🙂

    Keep safe all – RIDE ON!! SPEAK OUT!! RIDE ON SOME MORE!!

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