Donating to the cause

Donating to the cause

The main aim of our exciting and meaningful journey is to convey our message, and drive awareness, through interacting with the communities and the people we meet on the road. We do however, have a few small tokens that folks can secure, to show their solidarity.

Note – the donations go directly to UN Women where it will find its way to the relevant people doing the work we’re kick starting, long after we’ve come and gone.

There are a few ways you can donate to the cause – and if you want – we’ll send you a little something from us to thank you for that donation.

Here are the options:

  • Direct donation to UN Women – Click here for their account information.

Then, if you want some of our cool stuff (per donation),

  • R20 – Unite Armband
  • R50 – Unite Armband and free Bandana 😉
  • R50 – T-Shirt
  • R30 – Cap

Keen? For any of the “merchandise linked” donations contact Linda Kriedemann (H.O.G. OFFICE SECRETARY)

Phone: 011 – 783 8444 | FAX: 086 535 7471

Wayne Taylor with a Ride On! Speak Out! Bandana

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