The Electronic Media Network Limited was founded in 1985 as South Africa’s first private subscription television service. The first broadcast, comprising one 12-hour channel, went out in October 1986.

Today, M-Net boasts an array of general entertainment and niche channels and broadcasts to over 2,5 million subscribers in 41 countries across Africa.

Our Mission is ‘to create the best television entertainment in Africa and beyond’. To this effect we have invested significantly in local productions, which are set to make Africa a significant player on the entertainment global arena. Productions such as Studio 53 are set to captivate audiences from Cape to Cairo and indeed the rest of the world. Whereas the adaptation of world-renowned shows such as Big Brother and Idols endeavors to keep our subscribers in touch with world-class shows. We call it magic! And we shall strive to keep the ‘magic’ flowing.

Visit: mnet.dstv.com

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