Men can UNiTE and multitask

Men can UNiTE and multitask

So, we had our second status meeting last night. I don’t want to tax you down with too much reading but I thought I’d share a few things with you as we move another week closer to our exciting departure.

Just to set the context of this update, I’m a solo rider and when the road calls I usually just pay my boss a courtesy visit, mention the words “it’s time” and with a nod and a blessing I’m out the door. When I cracked the nod to join this ride I did not give the ‘grown-up’ things much thought. Truth be told, getting 15 guys to 9 countries is not an easy task at all.

Plotting and sharing our route:

Wesley Delport, one of the riders on the team, is playing a key role in finalizing the route, from which we will derive our schedule of engagements with the greater UN team in each of the countries. Wes got it down to some impressive detail but we’re still a little concerned about the potential delays as we cross each of the borders on our route. Contrary to popular belief, our neighbours are actually very accessible by road but we really want to avoid night riding at all costs. With potential pedestrians, animals and the unknown territory maximizing visibility and limiting our riding during the day is the wise option.

We are also in the process of reaching out to motorcycle enthusiasts within each country hoping that they will meet us and maybe do some riding with us. We’ll post a detailed schedule of our engagements soon and if you’re reading this, and keen to share a little bit of road with us (and the cause), you’re more than welcome to join us.

Plotting our survival:

Agnes Phiri, Redawaan Hendricks, Pierre Delport and Wayne ‘Tails’ Taylor are running with the logistics and fundraising with the support of the rest of the team. One of the aspects they’re dealing with is sorting out some of the gear we’ll need, to do the trip .

To give you an example. As I peer over at my trusty leather jacket from behind my laptop, I realise that I might have to leave my lucky cowhide at home for this trip. We’re heading into some extreme temperatures. Keeping cool and hydrated without giving up safety is just one of the things we need to consider. So a combination of ‘hydration vests’ and ‘vented’ lightweight riding jackets are just a few of the smaller aspects on the check-list.

Then there’s the mandatory vaccinations (I’m not keen on needles friends) and the mammoth task of getting the accommodation sorted out.

As a closing note…

Truth be told… all this is nothing really. The biggest challenge we’re dealing with is the reason why we are doing this trip.

UNiTE to end violence against Women and Girls.

I’ll leave it here for this update – be sure to subscribe to the blog (bottom right), visit our Facebook page and keep an eye on the next few updates. We’ll be posting information about the riders (so you can put faces to the names we mention), a few charity events we’ll be attending before the trip and detailed information about the journey and those who are supporting it.

Much love and respect.

  1. John Koller 17 October, 2012

    We now have the updated route from Wes Delport – this is the reality of a serious ride for a serious cause. We need to join hands, voices, mind and soul to rid our world and our continent of any violence against Women and Girls, the very people we should love and cherish. The only way we can do this is with you – the reader of this blog. Share it like there was no tomorrow. We need your help now, more than ever before

  2. Pierre Delport 19 October, 2012

    Please follow the “RIDE ON! SPEAK OUT! to END Violence against Women and Girls” page on Facebook and see the individual riders being introduced with a short introduction. Share this with all your Facebook friends so that we can spread the word.

    1. Werner Puchert 21 October, 2012

      Here’s the URL for the Facebook page in case you missed it

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