The first thing that got my attention, as I have mentioned in the media interviews, was the challenge of riding my Harley through 9 Southern African countries and doing close to 8,000 kilometers on an epic trip like this. Then the UN workshops started and I realized that there was a whole lot more to […]

I asked the two UN Riders from “New York, New York” to write their thoughts down. We’ve been spending a fair amount of time with them now and they are a definite part of this tight team. Peter Hood is an assertive rider who holds his own on the road, with an equal passion for […]

After our briefing last night at 21h30 most of us rushed off to our rooms to get some rest and tried to get used to the feeling of being dry, as it was raining on & off the whole day and evening. We had an early start…….. 4am, yes 4am. At 4h30 most of the […]

The first morning on this long road brought a helmet full of emotions, excitement, fear, anxiety and an ever dwindling appetite for adventure. Obscured by heavy rain, unforeseen delays and motor accidents, the first hundred kilometers on the highway was slow and tedious, with several riders struggling with some power issues with their bikes caused […]

Chris Slabbert and Jan Harm Robbertse will be joining us on the road to document our journey. “The Shipyard Productions” duo started documenting our preparations about two weeks ago and the result of their early efforts premiered last night. The following Public Service Announcement will be flighted on the local DSTV Channel MNet soon.

I’ve been writing and talking about a lot of important things over the last few weeks of preparation, and we are almost ready. The one thing I have not had a chance to chat about though is the actual bikes we will be riding on this journey. It’s funny, as this is one of the […]

Nineteen brave souls will be departing from Johannesburg on the 23rd of November 2012 for the Ride On, Speak Out tour. That’s this Friday! I can’t believe how the time has flown. So much has taken place already and we have yet to start our engines, and turn the throttle.