Herman Potgieter from Complete Cabling Equipment (CCE) sent us some more photos and a quick update on the trailer build. We’re taking the trailer for back-up reasons but Herman and his team is busy turning it into a showcase and tool that will go beyond merely transporting motorcycles. Respect. Update 2 (from Herman) Fabrication is […]

Wednesday 7th November we have an interview with Saskia V at MixFM for their now famous Community Corner @ 13h00 every Wednesday. Our main aim is to improve the numbers in our target audience, so, listen in and help spread the word, Ride On! Speak Out! The bonus will be listening to the most silky, […]

We feature one member of the Ride On! Speak out! team on our Facebook page everyday as we close in to our departure date of the 23rd of November. Just in case you missed the latest batch of burly bikers here they are again. You can also check out the first batch of what will […]

Riding on the open road- just man and machine- brings with it an immense sense of joy, of self, but also an unexpected offering of stillness. Reasons to reflect, moments to measure, chances to consider…. Sometimes it even makes us stop, take our helmets off and survey the scenery we have ridden past countless times […]

We feature members of the Ride On! Speak Out team on our Facebook page every day with a little more detail about them and why they are doing the trip. Here’s the first batch of profiles in case you missed ’em. Johann Rawlinson Introducing the first, and one of the most experienced Ride On! Speak […]

Herman Potgieter and his team at Complete Cabling Equipment will sponsor a fully equipped custom bike recovery trailer for the journey.  These guys don’t mess around – building this from scratch with four weeks to spare is nearly as crazy as the ride itself. Hat tip to the CCE team. They will be supplying us […]

Harley Davidson

So we had a question on our Facebook page (thanks Geoff Simmons) about the kind of technical support we’ll have on the road. Great question “Jack” as this gives me a reason to write about our mode of transport for a moment. Friends and colleagues question me extensively when I tell them about the route, […]