As I write this, we’re already sitting close to Day 14 of our Southern African road trip. My ability to recall all of the experiences and put them in chronological order is starting to diminish. I know my close friends will poke fun at me and claim old age. The culprit, in my opinion, are […]

On our way to the Malawi border, from Zambia, something very peculiar happened. We were struggling with some tough road conditions and decided to pull off and have a quick breather to stretch our muscles and hydrate a little.

Everywhere we go we attract a lot of attention. From men and boys, but also from women and girls. The bikes are relatively unknown and in view of the engine sounds, also hard to ignore. In Zambia we visited the YWCA, one of the beneficiaries of the United Nations Secretary General’s Trust Fund to End […]

The morning came too early for most us as we once again packed the van and trailer – heavy with bags, equipment and refreshments. The road to Lilongwe would be long and the road conditions troublesome so our road captain Wes us up early, packed and ready while the sun was still coming up.

I did not write a blog post last night, I thought this would do the job better than anything I could write. Mo (Mauritz Boshoff) acted as spokesperson yesterday and did an awesome job. The team’s proud of him. Here’s a clip from his speech at the Lusaka shelter we visited. (Audio is a little […]

The R.O.S.O team made the front page of the Republikein Newspaper! Well done guys we are so proud of you. Keep up the great work and keep on Speaking Out

And so Day 5 has rolled on, and just as suddenly disappeared into a massive pothole… We pulled out of Rundu this morning bright and early with a quick re-fuel, before hitting the long road through northern Namibia. We made good time on the excellent roads and Wes swears he spotted 5 Ellies somewhere in […]