You can’t head out on such and important journey trip half-cocked. Preparation is everything, and for that we need to do a few things right from the start. One thing is to get the bikes in tip-top shape for the African heat, and roads.

We’re currently chatting to a whole bunch of folks keen to help the cause. There’s always room for more brands, individuals and groups to pledge their support of course.

We are currently focusing on two key areas,

  • Primary
    Our job is to create awareness the cause and we need media awareness and financial pledges to bolster the efforts of UN Women.
  • Secondary
    We are looking for additional support to assist with some of the logistics of the trip and the riders (no matter how big or small).

We have the relevant documentation and support from UN Women and will be happy to discuss this further in person.

Send us a message or give us a call if your are keen to get involved, here’s our details.

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